Correct labeling of FIBCs for non dangerous goods

All FIBCs shall be durably marked by means of a permanently attached and easily visible and readable label or durably printed on the body so that it is easily visible and readable after the FIBC has been filled, with the following data:

  • Name and address of the manufacturer
  • Manufacturer´s reference which shall be unique to any one FIBC type
  • Name and address of the supplier (if required)
  • Safe working load (SWL) in kilograms
  • Safety factor (SF), i.e. 5:1, 6:1 or 8:1 as appropriate
  • Reference to the Test Standard
  • Class of FIBC, i.e. "heavy duty reusable", "standard duty reusable" or "single trip"
  • Type test certificate number (which shall be unique to any one type) and the month and year in which the type test certificate was issued
  • Name of the approved laboratory
  • Date of manufacture of the FIBC, i.e. month and year
  • Pictograms of the recommended handling methods
  • Details of any special treatments (i.e. UV-stability, Antistatic)
  • Where the FIBC is certified in relation to a specific product, the description of that product.

The layout of the label shall be as follows:

Perfect label

With regard to the labels we would like to point out that all the specifications set down in a certificate are not allowed to be amended. Along with other particulars (see above) the labels shall show the following data:

  • Certificate holder
  • Test house
  • Certificate number
  • Safe working load (SWL)
  • Safety factor (SF)


Important notes:

  • If a certificate is handed over to a Trading Company they must print the certificate holders name at the label. They may add their own name or not.
    There is a possibility to negotiate this obstacle: With assent of the original certificate holder a new certificate can be issued on the name of the Trading Company without new tests. This certificate bears an own number.
  • Sometimes a certificate holder wants to print a SWL at the label which is less high than certified. Even this is not permitted. In this case a new certificate can be issued showing the SWL wanted without new tests. This certificate bears a separate number.


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