Measuring device DSS 75/25 USB for determination of electric break-down voltage of materials intended to be used for type B FIBCs

The measuring device comes out of testing experience of LABORDATA IMTI. It has been developed for use in quality control of FIBC manufacturing. The equipment takes into account the demands of the new standard IEC ISO 61340-4-4:2018 "Electrostatic classification of flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC)"

The equipment consists of:

  • High voltage power supply for voltage up to 9.000 Volts.
  • Measuring program¬†
  • Electrode equipment P75/P25 (diameter of the electrodes 75 mm and 25 mm) with connectors and high voltage cables.

Test Performance:
Put the test specimen into the P75/P25 electrode equipment and press the mouse button. The measuring starts and the voltage between the two electrodes is increasing constantly at a rate of 300 Volts / second.
The test stops automatically when a breakthrough is detected and the computer displays the measured value.
Saving and printing of the results are possible.

Technical Data:
Dimensions of the instrument case:
235 mm x 150 mm x 345 mm (width x height x depth)
Weight of the instrument: approx. 4 kg
Measuring voltage: direct current (DC)
Measuring range: up to 9.000 Volts
Measuring current: 3 mA
Power supply: 220 V
Operating temperatures range: 5 0C ... + 45 0C

Contents of delivery:
1 High voltage power supply DSS 75/25 USB
1 Electrode equipment with cable
1 CDROM with measuring program
1 Instruction manual
1 Power cable and USB cable


PC with Windows XP, 256 MB memory, 30 MB free disc space, free USB-Port

Sample screenshots: