Measuring device AW-200-4 for determination of
electric Surface Resistivity of liners, labels and document pockets
required for electrostatic Type B, C and D FIBCs

The measuring device comes out of testing experience of LABORDATA IMTI. It has been developed for use in design and quality control of FIBC manufacturing. The equipment takes into account the demands of the new standard IEC ISO 61340-4-4:2018 "Electrostatic classification of flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC)"

The measuring device consists of a Teraohm-Meter with accessories.

The equipment includes the surface resistivity ring electrode SR 880 and an additional weight in order to reach a total weight of 2500 g demanded by IEC 61340-2-3.


Ring electrode with glass plate
and stainless steel plate

For determination of surface resistivity, the measuring voltage is applied by a ring electrode to the test specimens. The measurement voltage of 10 V and 100 V is automatically changed by the device. Measurments shall be done on the insulated glass plate placed on top of the stainless steel plate as required by IEC 61340-2-3 section 8.2.4: The material shall be tested on a smooth flat support having a surface resistivity of more than 1.0 * 1013 Ohm.

When teesting take care of the relevant test climates prescribes in the standard.

Case and electrodes are made tough and appropriate for use in rough environments. Operating mistakes and short-circuits at the electrodes are harmless.

The software AW-4S displays the measuring values on the computer screen. The software evaluates precisely whether a liner, label or document pocket meets the requirements of one of the various liner/label/pocket types, and which FIBC Type B, C or D it can be assigned to.
It is possible to save sets of measured data and print the results in tables.

PC with WINDOWS 10 and a serial port.

Technical Data:
Dimensions of the instrument case:
310 mm x 200 mm x 270 mm (width x height x depth)
Weight of the instrument: approx. 9 kg
Measuring ranges: 5.0 * 105 Ohm to 9.9 * 1012 Ohm
Supply voltage of the ring electrode:
10 V / 100 V
Power supply: 220 V
Operating temperatures range: 5 0C ... + 45 0C

Contents of delivery:
1 Teraohm-Meter AW-200-4
1 Ring electrode
2 Electrode cables
1 Glass plate
1 Stainless steel plate
1 Connection cable
1 Power cable
1 Instruction manual

Typical measuring screen