Measuring device AW-200-4DS for determination of
electric Derivation Resistance of type C FIBCs

The measuring device comes out of testing experience of LABORDATA IMTI. It has been developed for use in quality control of FIBC manufacturing. The equipment takes into account the demands of the new standard IEC ISO 61340-4-4:2018 "Electrostatic classification of flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC)"

The measuring device consists of a Teraohm-Meter with accessories. It has a digital display for exact readings and green and red signal lamps which are connected to limitation switch. Green indicates a positiv result (= the measured value lies within the tolerance range), red indicates a negativ result (= the value is too large). Together with the green light an acoustic signal is sounding.
The limit value for the signal light has been adjusted to 108 Ohm.

For determination of derivation resistance the measuring voltage is applied by electrodes to the test specimen. The evaluation occurs immediately after connecting the electrodes to the FIBC or other test pieces. Thus the quality control is very simple and can be done speedy.

The equipment includes three pairs of electrodes:
  • Clamp electrodes to contact conductive lifting loops or earthing flaps
  • Plate electrodes to contact the fabric
  • Pointed electrodes to contact single conductive threads

Case and electrodes are made tough and appropriate for use in rough environments. Operating mistakes and short-circuits at the electrodes are harmless.




Additional equipment for computer-aided measuring:

Software Version AW-S-4D
This software performs the derivation resistance tests and the surface resistivity tests,
and allows the results to be saved and printed in tables. This version targets mainly the derivation resistance tests.
The surface resistivity is included as well, but without the capability of evaluating the test results.

PC with WINDOWS XP, 1024 MB memory, 30 MB free disc space and serial port.

Technical Data:
Dimensions of the instrument case:
310 mm x 200 mm x 270 mm (width x height x depth)
Weight of the instrument: approx. 4 kg
Measuring ranges: 5.0 * 104 Ohm to 9.9 * 1012 Ohm
Limit value for the signal light adjustable
Supply voltage of the measuring electrodes:
10 V / 100 V / 500 V
Power supply: 220 V
Operating temperatures range: 5 0C ... + 45 0C
Contents of delivery:
1 Teraohm-Meter AW-200-4DS
2 Clamp electrodes with cable
2 Plate electrodes with cable
2 Pointed electrodes with cable
1 Power cable
1 Instruction manual

Measuring in practice:

Typical measuring screen