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March / April 2002
Dr. Herbert Kielbassa, managing director of the world renowned LABORDATA International Materials Testing Institute, has an unrivalled knowledge of the global FIBC industry.

The tip of an iceberg


LABORDATA IMTI has obtained information which proves that the Turkish company Polimer A.S., of Halkali Cad. 172, TR-34620 Sefakoy, Istanbul, Turkey has been counterfeiting FIBC test certificates in a criminal manner. A company called Policon Ltd, which works in close relationship with Polimer A.S, is also involved in this forgery.
Polimer AS has fabricated certificates according to their requirements by mixing different LABORDATA certificates using scissors, adhesive and copier or scanner and computer. The company has invented certificate numbers, changed test results and design specification details, added or deleted phrases in the text and so on.
In consequence of this LABORDATA has declared all certificates issued an the above-mentioned company name as being invalid. With immediate effect the company is not allowed to make reference to any of the certificates or use labels which show LABORDATA certificate numbers.
National and international associations and authorities as well as FIBC manufacturers and traders throughout the world will be informed.
Perhaps readers will remember my comments in general concerning misuse of certificates in previous issues of this magazine. Now, a really criminal example of this misuse has been brought to my attention. Test houses fear that this is only the tip of an iceberg. Therefore the responsible majority among FIBC manufacturers and suppliers are asked to keep a watchful eye on the market in order gradually to help melt the entire iceberg tip by tip. Of course, users too have a special and very important role to pay in this campaign (see declaration of the test houses).

Declaration of the European test houses

The Test House Advisory Group condemns counterfeiting of FIBC certificates. If any of the test house group members discovers that their certificates are counterfeited, this fact will be made public.
All certificates of the company involved will be declared invalid by the issuing test house.
From that moment onwards the company involved is not allowed to make any reference to these certificates. All test house group members will refrain from working with that offending company. Furthermore, we advise all buyers and users of FIBCs to check the specifications of the FIBCs against the certificates. If any discrepancies are discovered or suspicions are raised it is advised to report these to the issuing test house.

The test houses: LABORDATA, LAIN, LNE, NEL, OFI, TNO

Statement from the European Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association

At its March 2002 meeting EFIBCA considered the position of the European Test Houses and declared its full support for the proposed actions to prevent similar criminal misuse of certificates.

Comments are welcome and these may be sent by letter to Dr Kielbassa, c/o INDUSTRIAL BULK WORLD, 25 West Cottages, Off West End Lane, London NW6 1RJ, UK. Alternatively, he can be contacted direct (tel: +49 531 33 9011, fax: +49 531 33 9013; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).