Testing of dangerous goods FIBCs

Tests and quantity of samples

The UN Regulations require 6 tests:

1. Top lift test 4. Drop test 3. Topple test 4. Righting test 5. Stacking test 6. Tear test

We need six bags to perform the complete test programme.

If the certificate shall cover a range of bag heights we need six bags of the smallest and six bags of the largest height. In this case the UN-Certification will be valid for all bag heights within the range (family certificate).

Procedure and schedule

Normally it takes two weeks to get the Certificate of Approval. In urgent cases the UN-code number can be issued immediately after the tests have been finished provided that all the documents supplied by the applicant are complete and sufficient (see page "Documents needed").


In order to perform the tests according to the requirements we must know:

  • Safe working load (SWL)
  • Stacking load: The stacking load depends on the applicant's requirements respectively decision.
  • Packing group: There are three packing groups for dangerous goods. The tests mentioned above differ in the drop height as follows:

Packing Group Drop Height UN-Symbol max. Volume
I 1,80 m X 1,5 m3
II 1,20 m Y 3,0 m3
III 0,80 m Z 3,0 m3

Note: I includes II and III, II includes III.